Zoe: heyyy!! ;3

SP: what?

Zoe: oh im just sayin hi :3

SD: whatever

Zoe: wonder where Tommy is ._.

SD: its only 11:00

Zoe: ah.. i hope he doesnt forget to go onto chat ._.

SD: he didnt

Tommy: i'm with emilio,you are an awesome person.


Tommy:no,you are

Zoe: i wont be able to make it onto chat today cuz my mom got onto me. maybe tomorrow, sorry

Tommy:that's alright i'll just entertain myself. (p.s. I have been finding some spelling errors that i have been trying to fix just so you know) oh im sorry now i wish i had a time machine!

Zoe: its fine!! its fine!! anyways no ones perfect am i right?

Tommy:yeah but I still should'nt have used such vulgarity so i wish i could fix this

Zoe: hmm..

Tommy:i wonder where you two are.

Zoe: im here X3

Tommy:oh my god.


Tommy:the wiki looks diffrent

Zoe: i take blame for that :3

Tommy:but i take the blame for taking the awesomeness.

Zoe: XD

Tommy:do you want some awesomness,oh wait you'r already awesome. Zoe: lolol

Tommy:you do know i'm back from p.e. right?

Fami: I like trains. Zoe: duhn duhn duhhhnnn

Fami: Wow this a superhero and villan page and we are jst bein random XD Zoe: lol yeah.. We should start the rp now :3

Fami: Right *ahem* I will be....uhmm..... :|

Tommy:i'm not sure about that,but i feel stupid Zoe : .-." Zoe: OH GOD FAMI THATS HILARIOUS XD

Fami: IKR the person who did that is a TRUE artist XD

Zoe: im a true artist :3

Tommy:that is a wonderful picture on the page,by the way.may i ask who made it?

Fami: I really dont know Tommy, I just found it on the internet :P So all right reserves to the person who made it ^__^

Tommy:oh man,you guys should have seen the bonfire we had,it was awesome!

Fami: Bonfire? :3

Tommy:you know,where you get a whole lot of stuff to burn and you make a reall big fire,it's awesome!

Fami: Sounds fun to me, dont mind if I burn my homework >:D

Tommy: XD,but where is everybody?

Fami : IM here :p

Tommy:oh,thank the lord,but i went on this morning and no one was there. Zoe: i am recently grounded 3X

Tommy:oh *sad*

Fami: Wut u did this time? :3

Zoe: rather not tell~

Emilio: that doesnt sound good........

Zoe: thats why im not tellin XD


Zoe: ;3

Tommy:please come back,me and mike miss you. Fami: me too :3

Zoe: im here

Tommy:oh,then i might have dementia then


Tommy:you know we cant really hear you roar when we're on the internet.

Zoe: go to the zoo then :3

Tommy: *goes to the zoo*

Zoe: *Tommy sees me in a tiger exhibit* *roars*


Zoe: TEEHEE~! ;3

Tommy: wait,THAT ZOE I-*gets backstabbed* MEDIC!

Zoe: .3."

Tommt: kinda need a medic here!

Zoe: im trapped in a cage...

Tommy: *frees zoe*

Zoe: *calls the hospital* 83

Tommy: *gets up* wow,looks like i was never backstabbed at all *puts a trollface mask and walks away* (oh and BTW im on chat if you want to get on)

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